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“Interview with Eléonore Astier-Petin, General Manager of Alila Solo”

French-born Eléonore Astier-Petin has always had a streak of wanderlust in her. She’s lived in Cannes on the French Riviera and the USA. She has also worked in Bora Bora, the French Alps and China. Her parents loved to tease her that “the roof of their home will never fall on her head” since she’s always travelling. Indeed, Eléonore has gone a long way from her French roots, and her first hotel job as guest relations officer, to managing an iconic landmark, Alila Solo! Over a lovely lunch at the Alila’s Èpice Restaurant, Eléonore shares with Joy Karabaczek all about her current position as the hotel’s general manager.

Alila Solo - Exterior

What things do you want to implement managing Alila Solo? Have they already been implemented?

We still have a bit more to go with the launch of our spa on 1 March and the subsequent launches of Agra, our panoramic restaurant and bar which ill feature an eclectic tapas concept. Agra and the Executive Lounge are scheduled to go live on 1 May. I would say that our biggest challenge would be the rate resistance since Solo is still a secondary, provincial destination but I do believe it has a bright future to complement its fascinating and noble past. We may be a little ahead of our time but I am confident success lies ahead for Alila and the city overall.

Alila Solo - Restaurants - Epice 01

What are the biggest challenges you face in managing the hotel? What areas in the hotel’s operations are you totally involved in?

My roles change everyday and all day long. In the morning I can be checking the progress in our Executive Lounge with Suratno, our Chief Engineer, the next hour meeting with our Executive Housekeeper, Wayan, to decide how a certain amenity should be presented while moving on to Marketing matters which could involve reviewing adverts, promotions or anything that needs to be proofread. Each day is different and although I have certain recurring meetings, I try to break from the routine and turn up somewhere unexpected!

Alila Solo - Accommodation - Deluxe Room - King

What does Alila Solo have to offer the guests to make them repeat clients? How do you view its performance since it opened?

I think we’ve been successful at starting to win over guests by the level of engagement of our team members. Recognition and consistency while adding an element of refreshing naturalness in our exchanges with guests is how we aim to serve. I must admit that our TripAdvisor ranking at #1 for the city is very encouraging but we can never rest on our laurels, there is always much to improve at every level. We have been open less than four months and are still in the soft opening phase so it is a bit difficult to gauge but I would definitely say I am pleased with our performance so far. But there are still many opportunities to grasp out there.

Alila Solo - Interior - Lobby

What distinguishes Alila Solo from the other hotels of the Alila Group? What feelings do you want to impart your guests when they stay at Alila Solo?

Aside from the original Alila Jakarta, Alila Solo is certainly the most urban within the group. We do have the largest conferencing and events facilities compared o other Alila properties, which have allowed us to put on great concerts and host important events. We try to balance our offer in terms of groups and corporate travel, while providing world-class facilities such as our sumptuous 46-metre-long pool, gym, spa and kids club. To sum it up, we want our group and business travellers to feel at home as much as those on leisure. Our team in a short amount of time has acquired much versatility in catering to both segments, they know how to adapt their style of service to match the needs and expectations of all types of guests from near and afar.

Alila Solo - Weddings - Ballroom 02

On a personal note, is it difficult for a woman to rise to the top echelons in the hotel business? Are there many female General Managers in the hotel industry? How about your personal relationships?

My husband actually accompanies me here and, although we do not have children yet, we would definitely like to. I think nowadays it may be easier for women to move up the ranks, but I must say that throughout my career I have always been considered an equal and can only recommend to women aspiring to a solid career in hospitality to “give it all they have, not count your hours and make yourself indispensable!”. Balancing work and life in hospitality is important but not always easy when carving out a good career.

Alila Solo - Gym

Alila Solo - Pool 03

Alila Solo - Events - Ballroom 02

Alila Solo - Weddings - Ballroom 05

“The most luxurious hotels in Bali?”

By Janice and George from “Sand in my Suitcase

“When we grow up, we want to live in a house just like our Alila Villas Uluwatu villa.”

Alila Hotels has garnered mega ink in prestigious travel mags like Conde Nast Traveler and the Robb Report with its two ultra-sumptuous, private-pool villa resorts in Bali.

Alila Villas Uluwatu clings to a clifftop on Bali’s southern coast.

Alila Villas Soori, surrounded by UNESCO’s world heritage protected rice paddies, hugs a black sand beach on the southwest coast near the sacred Tanah Lot Temple.

Both crank up the wow factor for boutique villa resorts, making you wish you could replicate their fab architectural features in your own home. (They sure gave us serious villa envy.)

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Alila Villas Soori – “Sigh. Alila. The magic word.”

Story and photographs from Euriental by Kamara Harding

Sigh. Alila. The magic word. From the very first time I set eyes on an Alila property (in Uluwatu), I knew that I’d discovered another level of luxury. Winner of countless design awards and featured consistently on ‘World’s Best Hotels’ lists, the Alila group knows how to create a dream holiday experience. After staying at Alila Villas Uluwatu two years ago, it leapt straight to the top of my all-time favourite hotels (okay…maybe tied with the Park Hyatt Sydney). Needless to say, I was ridiculously psyched to be staying at another of their properties, Alila Villas Soori.


The allure of Alila resorts is that they truly provide a complete experience; you’ll never feel like leaving to go anywhere. Not once during our stays at both properties did we ever leave to have dinner somewhere else or head out for the day, as we usually would. At Alila, it’s all about experiencing a peaceful, relaxing, all-encompassing getaway where you want for nothing.


We performed morning yoga in the lobby, overlooking the ocean. We spent hours sprawled out on the deck chairs we’d had set up in front of the villa or relaxing at the main pool with coconuts and constantly replenished lime water. We took a segway tour around the local villages (the most fun ever!).  Every day, a new bowl of exotic fruit was waiting for us in our rooms with a description card. We had dinner at the restaurant each night, served by the wonderful, well-spoken and attentive Ayu. When I say attentive, I mean it – she noticed one evening that we hadn’t devoured the prawn crackers and offered up a different snack, surmising that the first “perhaps wasn’t to our taste”.


The truth is, once you experience the magic of Alila, you’ll hold luxury resorts to an entirely new standard.


Euriental - Alila Soori lobby parting shot 34_zps5zktj66c


Euriental - Alila Soori  mangosteen 6_zpsbioaa0wt


Euriental - Alila Soori bar on the beach 18_zpsoayouuaf


Euriental - Alila Soori bar restaurant 22_zpsqvzchivb


Euriental - Alila Soori bath details 13_zpsazhnbny1


Euriental - Alila Soori bathroom 9_zpsfakeg3rq

Euriental - Alila Soori bathtub 8_zpsujsucqss

Euriental - Alila Soori coconuts 31_zpsdoqns96q

Euriental - Alila Soori kids on beach 26_zpshk806xwk  Euriental - Alila Soori library 29_zpsslhlmhqs  Euriental - Alila Soori lobby 19_zpskvneb2yi  Euriental - Alila Soori lobby 25_zpsyex25g0o  Euriental - Alila Soori lobby gamalan players 33_zpskyu11ruo 
Euriental - Alila Soori main pool 16_zpsy0gl9hid  Euriental - Alila Soori main pool 17_zps2ae8kjf3  Euriental - Alila Soori main pool 30_zpstaxbssh6  Euriental - Alila Soori main pool 32_zpsx71p40us  Euriental - Alila Soori main pool 36_zps6jni6y1t  Euriental - Alila Soori morning yoga 20_zpskmiinqit  Euriental - Alila Soori playing gamalan 28_zpsbs0ipl9t  Euriental - Alila Soori restaurant 27_zpswvcvycgy  Euriental - Alila Soori restaurant pork buns 23_zpsljhkh3gz  Euriental - Alila Soori rice paddies 24_zpsm5xxcjtf  Euriental - Alila Soori segway tour Bali 37_zpsv8clntv1  Euriental - Alila Soori surfguard 35_zpsamkacrkd  DCIM102GOPROGOPR4002.  Euriental - Alila Soori villa 4_zpsn3adjv3z  Euriental - Alila Soori villa 5_zpsa6xulj2p  Euriental - Alila Soori villa 7_zpsblllhu6t  Euriental - Alila Soori villa 11_zpsjkun6swg  Euriental - Alila Soori villa bedroom 1_zpsjof0cwlt  Euriental - Alila Soori villa bedroom 2_zps9se5vgs5  Euriental - Alila Soori villa details 10_zpshsv03lt7  Euriental - Alila Soori villa hat 21_zps4ndlaz3k  Euriental - Alila Soori villa sunset 14_zpsph4skfxm  Euriental - Alila Soori villa sunset 15_zpsswmlu5zc

Natural Wonders…

Story by The Yak Magazine

Perched staggeringly high atop the Ayung River Gorge, surrounded by Indiana Jones-style rainforest, Alila Ubud offers an all-nature affair. Rustic Spa Alila reflects the setting, especially the open-air, double bale with sensuous outdoor shower and stone bath within a private forest garden. Similar to other Alila spas, Spa Alila uses sense-sational, 100 per cent natural Alila Living products and focus on nurturing and blissfully relaxing treatments and head-to-toe pampering, inspired by ancient Asian healing techniques and therapies.

Massages are a strong signature, combining Asian and European massage techniques with long-serving therapists trained in physiology – armed with vice-like hands that work miracles; signature Therapeutic, incorporates Balinese, Swedish and Thai massage techniques in varying depths and intensity. From Journeys by Alila, Beauty and Balance Ritual, is a delicious combo of locally-sourced ingredients: the scrub features gently exfoliating coffee beans that draw out impurities as the coconut deeply conditions; the therapist works hard on knotted muscles in a 60-minute massage and a cocoa bean and coffee body mask tempts like chocolate cake – all contributing to total relaxation and glowing skin with improved tone.

You can also create your own Indulgent Spa Package. During sacred full moon nights, Moonlight Remedies, draws on the moon’s strongest powers, with traditional Hindu prayers, four destination-inspired massage therapies and Reiki within an open-sided canopy in Alila’s uppermost gardens. Waft away with a profound sense of well-being and spiritual growth.

Alila Ubud - Pool by day 01 (2)

Alila Ubud - Spa Alila - Pathway 01

Alila Ubud - Spa Alila - Pathway 02

Alila Ubud - Spa Alila - Pathway 03

Alila Ubud - Spa Alila - Treatment Room

Alila Ubud - Spa Alila - Treatment Villa 01

The Resort surrounded by Nature – Alila Diwa Goa Review

Story and Photographs by Most people visit Goa for leisure but for me it’s always for a business launch. Last December in 2015, I was there in Goa for the Tata Motors Zica (Tiago) launch where I stayed in Alila Diwa Goa. Here is my review of Alila Diwa Goa. Alila Diwa Goa resort is located […]

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The New Solo

Story and Photographs from Tidak bisa diragukan kalau saya adalah penggemar jaringan hotel Alila. Dari yang di Jakarta, Bali sampai Oman saya cobai karena terkesan dengan pelayanan, fasilitas dan kenyamanan yang ditawarkan. Baru-baru ini saya kembali menjajali Alila terbaru di kota Solo dan menemukan kelebihan khas Alila di beragam aspeknya tapi tetap menjaga keunikannya […]

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Balinese Jungle Bliss

Story and Photographs by Girl Tweets World I first came across the Alila Ubud whilst researching destination wedding venues last year. Although, for purely logistical reasons, we decided the hotel wasn’t right for our wedding, two minutes at this spectacular property and I knew it was the right place for a blissful holiday in Bali. […]

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When Alila Brings Sophisticated Stays and Infinity Pools to Town

Article and Photographs from Honeycombers Bali The balcony doors, beachfront restaurants, infinity pools and beach clubs have opened at the hottest new address in town, and it’s five-star designer style and luxury all the way! Check out and check into the gorgeous new Alila Seminyak. Insert happy, five-star relaxed <sigh> here.  Meet the hottest, newest […]

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