Stylish Simplicity

Story by 100 LayerCake

Photography by Caught the Light

Videography by Balimetro

Eric + May had us at the name Bali, but their sweet style and story won us over. They met in Shanghai after moving separately from the US and connected over travel (most notably getting engaged in New Zealand). Naturally a destination wedding was in order, and 80 guests flew in from all over the world to the secluded seaside resort of Alila Manggis in East Bali. First the bride designed a Balinese welcome dinner to kick off the festivities. Then it was onto the Western wedding Chloe of Caught the Light captured below:







For our wedding favors, we tailored made his/hers cotton canvas gift bags with a customized Bali design. Inside the bag, we included tropical essentials such as chapstick, sunscreen, bug repellant, anti-itch balm and sunglasses, as well as keepsake souvenirs such as luggage tag and a set of coasters with our own designs. I included various monogramming, such as printed gold emblem of our names on the sunglass cases, hand sewn initials on the groom side’s TOMS shoes, and personalized robes for the bridesmaids.




By creating all the stationery herself, May was able to create both English + Chinese versions so all guests could be fully informed. Isn’t this design so cute?




May also designed this breathtaking scene herself…

Alila Manggis has a perfect setting with an exotic enclave of palm trees along the ocean side, and I wanted to maintain this beautiful and stylish simplicity. I chose a color palette of blush pink, cream, and gold to add a romantic and warm tone to the lush greenery and vivid blues of the oceanic skyline. I picked peonies and avalanche roses for their pastel colors, while gold accents from the chairs and vases brought a nice glow under the sun. I also adorned the chairs with silk ribbons to create an air of whimsical romance as they fluttered with the sea breeze. For an extra touch of texture, I overlaid sheer blush pink cotton runners on the reception tables.










Of course the big day had to be as fun as it was beautiful. They strung up photos, made a large message board for guests to leave notes about their fave memories, and enlisted Bali Snapz to set up a photobooth that printed two instant prints, one for guests to keep and one for them to leave in place of the escort cards. Cool!







A Remarkable Experience

Story and photographs by Ernanda Putra

Nobody ever really doubts the Alila Villas’ reputation.  After my first visit to Alila Villas Soori in April last year, I tend to recommend the Alila brand to most of my friends and colleagues who are planning to go to Bali. Our stay at Soori was splendid, and I am so lucky that I have had the chance to experience another one of their properties; Alila Villas Uluwatu. I can’t even really express my excitement to its fullest, especially as I will be staying there for my honeymoon with my wife.


We arrived just after noon and as usual Alila’s friendly staff welcomed us with cold towels, a welcome drink and of course our favorite lemongrass smell. So calming! Without further ado, we were shown to our room.


When we arrived in front of the door of our room, my excitement flourished like a five year old child wanting cotton candy.  I must confess I was not completely paying attention to our butler who gave us a small tour as I was caught up in the moment…it was just too perfect.  The rooms are harmoniously balanced, no overly fussy design nor are they too simple, they are just right, with a very comfy bed.   The day bed directly in front of the pool became our favorite spot.  I loved how you could see the sun shining over the mini cabana creating dancing shadows on the wall.   The giant window made it feel like we were up close and personal with a nature program on a gigantic life size television.


During our stay we spent so much time in our room enjoying the view having the days melt away in a haze of small talk and relaxation.



I’ve been to a lot of hotels before and it goes without saying that Alila Villas Uluwatu has indeed been one of the most remarkable experiences. I love how the architect used a mix of marble and wood giving a new twist on classic elegance.   Another one of the fascinating aspects of the architecture was how there are so many beautiful corners everywhere. I believe these were done by design allowing for the creation of shadows from the sunlight.   Another feature we enjoyed, probably the one that most people who visit love, was the Sunset Cabana beside the villa’s main pool, it really is beautiful anytime during the day.



Many people tell me that couples are very lucky when they get the chance to spend their honeymoon in Bali. Now I can really relate and I feel even luckier that I got the chance to spend my honeymoon at Alila Villa Uluwatu.  My wife and I are really inspired by the stay and we will definitely come back in the future for an escape or maybe even to celebrate our wedding anniversary.


Conservation, Clubbing & Diving With Sabrina

As featured in FRV Bali

We recently had the pleasure of welcoming Sabrina Van Clef Ault at Alila Manggis where the the following photographs were shot. Here’s what FRV Bali had to say about their interview with her.


Sabrina Van Cleef Ault was born in California to Korean and Scottish parents and grew up in Seattle, USA. At the age of 19 she moved to New York City and resided there for 15 years working in fashion, television and entertainment, including the first of one of her many nightclubs, under the name of  Pangaea, alongside her partner and husband nightlife guru, Michael Van Cleef Ault.



Sabrina moved to Singapore four years ago, from New York City to open the luxurious nightclub, Pangaea Singapore, at the iconic Marina Bay Sands Casino in the Crystal Pavilion. Pangaea Singapore was sited by both The Economist and Bloomberg as being the “highest grossing nightclub per square foot in history.” The latest nightclub projects, Chaos and Pangaea, were set to open last month, on January 30th, 2015 at The City Of Dreams Manila. That alone was a 50 million dollar nightclub project.



Jewellery by SAYA GALLERY

Sabrina Van Cleef Ault is also a published and acclaimed photographer.

Her first charity photographic exhibition was held last June in Singapore with Leica and The Macallan, alongside world-acclaimed photography legend, Mr. Elliot Erwitt. Her solo exhibition was a sell out and she was able to donate all of the nett proceeds of the 24 pieces to the non-profit agency, D.O.G.S. an establishment in Singapore which rescues, rehabilitates, fosters and eventually finds homes for abandoned animals in Singapore.


Red silk dress by MKHANH

Jewellery by SAYA GALLERY

As for Sabrina’s next Philanthropic journey, she has decided to take the initiative and become the voice and Ambassador for The Sea.

Her goal and dream is to find an island somewhere in Asia and make it an eco-nature reserve.

A protected island that is completely self-sustainable by solar energy and will include a coconut plantation that can then produce products such as coconut water and other natural products indigenous to the island to sustain its existence and become a safe haven for both marine life and coral. “I am spearheading a conservation campaign to help save the seas beginning with an ocean plastic clean-up initiative.  I believe that it takes only one person to affect millions. And I want to be that person,” she told FRV Bali.


White crochet dress by SZEN STYLE

Jewellery by SAYA GALLERY

Sabrina has been modeling since a young age and also been A keen scuba diving and an environmental advocate for  many years.

She was in Bali last month for our photo shoot and we had the chance to catch up briefly with this multi-talented lady.

Tell me about the Pangaea group of clubs. How did that begin and where is it now?

The original Pangaea was launched in 2001 in New York City downtown on Lafayette Street. I was the original investor and partner dating back 14 years with my husband, Michael Van Cleef Ault, and we have successfully opened 11 more projects together around the world, the latest being in Manila which opened at the end of January at The City Of Dreams Casino. Wow, how time does fly! These two particular projects that are the grandest and most extravagant yet. Hold on to your hats!

How long have you been scuba diving, and how did that change your life?

I have been scuba diving for more than 15 years now. It was honestly love at first sight. Once you have a love affair with the ocean, I think there is no turning back.

How do you mix the nightlife and the clubbing world with your environmental concerns?

Being involved in the nightlife industry for so many years all over the world I have been blessed to have met so many different people from all industries and all walks of life. With this knowledge and power of knowing the right people I tend to harness this opportunity to give back to the environment and do something good for mother earth. After all, if it wasn’t for her, none of this would be possible.


Sequin sweater by DKNY

Jewellery by SAYA GALLERY

never say never,

Carpe Diem!

Is there some correlation between clubbing and diving? Do many clubbers dive? Do many divers club?

That is a fun question. Yes, I think that clubs tend to attract a very eclectic group of both artists, musicians, businessmen and adventurers. Nightclub people are not the type to just sit home and watch television from the couch. These people are usually high-octane thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies. Not to mention our customer base is made up of many high-powered executives and CEO’s that have both the luxury of time and financial capabilities to just pack up and go on a two-week liveaboard in Komodo or The Banda Sea. So the answer is yes, I find that, especially here in Asia, most of the people that I know live for and breathe the sea.

Have you been to Bali many times before? What do you think of it?

Bali has always been one of my favourite destinations in the world for many different reasons. First being the spiritual element that you feel in the air as soon as you step foot off the airplane. I think it’s that constant scent of burning incense that really clicks my head into Bali mode. A smile appears on my face immediately every time without fail. Also the instant freedom that you feel when you wander the bustling streets of Seminyak, and then organically meander through the wild jungles on the east coast, casual horseback riding on the beach, seemingly non-stop glorious sunsets, organic fresh over-the-top-amazing local farm-grown cuisine, getting lost in the hanging lush gardens and footpaths in Ubud, hiking up volcanoes and scuba diving on the west coast, day trips to Nusa Lembongan . . . ahhh, now that is heaven. Not to mention all of Bali’s majestic temples and shrines, constant offerings, the humbleness and soft spoken gentleness of the Balinese people is just astonishing to me. I feel that there is a warm welcome that is pronounced to you in every single form of simplicity and in all details as it relates to this magical Island of the Gods. I fell in love with Bali on my first visit in 2009, and I have never stopped coming back.

Do you think some of the environmental concerns on the island could be sorted out soon?

That is a hard question to answer but I am always a hopeful person when it comes to spreading positivity. I really do believe that people are adept to make a change for the positive. Especially, as it relates to their homeland and conservation and doing the right thing. As I mentioned earlier, it only takes one person to start a whole domino effect. So let’s see. I always think that someone can always make a difference.

Could you see a Pangaea club opening soon in Bali?

As for plans to open a club anytime in the near future in Bali, I would say as of now I definitely have my hands full for the moment. But never say never, Carpe Diem!

MODEL: Sabrina Van Cleef Ault



HAIR & MAKE UP: JUNO Pchelkina










Kaleidoscopic Love at Alila Diwa Goa

Story by Shruti Desai and photography by Love Dope Studios


I always wanted a beach wedding and where else but Goa would be a perfect destination for our wedding. Plus Abhishek and I are both beach lovers and love Goa.

From the moment we walked into Alila Diwa Goa we knew this is where we wanted to host our wedding celebrations since the place had the traditional look and the luxury that we wanted for our guests.


The amazing layout of the place gave us the opportunity to host pre wedding functions at different locations within Alila Diwa Goa.That meant getting a different look and feel for various functions without even having to step a foot off the property.

We had a Punjabi themed mehendi function near the courtyard, followed by Bollywood housie (bingo). On the day of the wedding in the morning, we had Mandap Mahurat (religious ceremony) and Haldi ceremony by the pool side.


Sidharth and his team were brilliant. The event wouldn’t have been possible without the help they extended before, during and even after the event. They really made sure that our guests had the best experience while in Goa.

Our guests can’t stop talking about the beautiful wedding put together by our wedding planners Prasang Events & Entertainment (Ahmedabad) and Laksh Events (Vadodara) and decorators Cross Craft (Goa). They did an excellent job. They were such comfortable people to work with who understood us well. The crazy, fun loving and hard working bunch from Love Dope Studios (Mumbai) produced the most stunning photos.

We are really glad that we picked this property as the experience was incomparable.










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