A Crafted Luxury Spa at Alila Villas Soori

Story and Photographs by mylifestylenews

Spa Alila at Alila Villas Soori was recently featured in MyLifestyleNews magazine where they wrote of their experience at our spa. Here’s a small snippet of their story along with a link to their full article.

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“All the Alila properties are as well known for their for their accommodation options, Food & Beverage and especially the Spa Alila experience, which is always one to remember. When put in the context of how it measures up to other high-end experiences, we would rate it as one of the best among many other famous spas in the world. The journey to Spa Alila is always something to look forward to and this time was no exception. Let us just warn you before you make your booking as it can be quite addictive. When the treatment finishes, your energy is recharged, your mind and soul has found its balance and you’ll feel contented as your rejuvenation button has just been reset.

Spa Alila’s goal is to help bring you back into balance naturally with treatments personalised to your needs through the heartfelt touch of their experienced therapists and the naturally active products used. They create a new dimension in nurturing and divine pampering rituals. You’ll see and feel the benefits in your appearance as well as your spirit and overall sense of wellbeing with this luxury crafted Spa Alila experience.”

Check out MyLifestyleNews’ full story here.

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Moloch in Motion

Story by Philipp Tingler

His complete article can be read in “Die Welt” Newspaper.

“The Indonesian capital Jakarta is constantly in motion. Even by Asian standards, the dynamics are remarkable.”

It’s by looking at the city’s night markets that you can learn a lot about Jakarta. The markets show some surprising commercial (and often innovative) spirit on behalf of the stall owners Philip explains. He writes of his experience in Jalan Pecenongan, just a few steps down the road from Alila Jakarta, where he explored some of Indonesia’s famous dishes such as Martabak, Nasi Goreng and Sate. The food stalls here are deeply rooted in Jakarta’s culture where friends and family will often meet to “Nongkrong” the local word for “chit-chat”.

In his article he talks of a fast moving, forward thinking city that always has something to offer. From the modern malls and world-class restaurants to the smaller food stalls and local markets, the city promises to deliver on all possible fronts. When in Jakarta, make sure you have a walk down one of these “night markets” to take in all the smells, sounds and sights they have to offer.

We highly recommend a read through his original article, where he goes into more detail about the city’s culture and some of the funnier sights he beheld.






Social Impact – one bar of soap, one chocolate spoonfull at a time

Story and Photographs by Peta Kaplan & Ben Sandzer-Bell from www.greenglobaltrek.com

For further details on Alila Manggis and the destination’s activities, please visit www.alilahotels.com/manggis

Charly Esposito, a native of Florida, came to Bali over a decade ago for the surf. Based in Hong Kong as a corporate executive, he saw Bali as a vacation destination. But then Bali happened to him and it became clear, after a 50 day fast, medidation about the course of his life and his positive experience with Balinese surfers, that there was perhaps a different life trajectory for him in Bali.

Surprised that his surfer friends were idle when the waves did not create the conditions for good surfing, he found out that they really had not path to get jobs in their native East Bali. It did not take long for this chemistry major to put two and two together, looking around at the plentiful coconut tree groves, to suggest that they try to create a small business activity around the production of soap, which uses coconut oil as a primary ingredient. This was 12 years ago.


Fast forward to the present and Charly, with the help of Alila as a valued customer, has succeeded in creating an entrepreneurial climate around soap making that would make any development professional proud. He puts empowerment theory into daily practice and as a result has the life satisfaction he sought after his 50 day fast.

What started in a small garage has become an attractive and eye catching bamboo architectural compound, where several teams work to meet ever increasing demand for their high quality, organic soap.


Charly does not like the terminology of employment, rather he explains he is a consultant to self-directed teams of mostly women who pay themselves a salary from the proceeds of their production. The first group of surfer-turned-soap makers took things a step further and organized themselves into a now larger enterprise that also produces organic soap and coconut-oil based face creams and treatment oils. In all, his current team is comprised of 15 associates, split evenly between soap makers and chocolate makers (more on chocolate making later). Another 25 jobs were created by his surfer-soap makers in a spin off location and business. In all, that’s 40 well paying jobs in a region that was traditionally farmer-centric, a lifestyle that requires hard and long hours of work, for little money. Instead, he has created a virtuous circle whereby the women, traditional bread winners, who work in the soap making facility come to work with their children, and organize themselves to meet demand.

Not only is soap making a profitable enterprise, it is one that features the island’s bountiful products. Coconut oil is a primary ingredient.   Carbon 14 from coconut trees not only gives the soap an attractive black color, but it also absorbs toxins. Volcanic ash is used in some of the most popular soaps. White clay is also used as it has purification attributes for skin. Some of the skin products also use aloe vera and seaweed that Charly, ever interested in being in the water, collects personally.




The soap making process is rather straight forward and one finds oneself in an alchemist’s laboratory where tantallizing organic essential oils combine with all of the above to yield an array of colors and scents in a bar.


Back to the social impact aspect: in order to make this enterprise “self sustaining”, Charly cleverly broke down the production part (soap making) from the packaging part. This means that the team of women responsible for meeting incoming customer orders, drive the production unit team members and pay them an agreed fair “market” price, in addition to sourcing colored paper from local banana leaf paper producers.




Drop by visits, such as ours, is an opportunity for the workers to make some extra money. While their daily salary is paid from regular clients, such as Alila, drop in business allows them to sell their product at retail prices. The difference between the wholesale price and the retail price they fetch, is shared evenly as “bonus pay”.

It is clear that there is a large amount of creativity in the place. The packaging is very attractive, exemplified by the books of “Salvador Bali”, which once you open the cover page, becomes a container for 6 brightly colored soap bars.


While self effacing, it is also clear that Charly remains a “soft touch” driving force behind this social experiment in organic entrepreneurship – after he meets with us, he is off to pack his bags as he goes tomorrow to China to source a price competitive, attractive container for the line of coconut body lotion, coconut oil and surfer sunblock made of cacao.

And talking of cacao… it’s hard to keep a good entrepreneur down, especially one with a chemistry background. While Indonesia is a major exporter of cacao raw material, few are the producers of higher value added chocolate products. Enter Charly and his team of Balinese coconut oil stirring elves.


Using techniques that are not entirely different from soap making, but of course with different ingredients and different “magic formulae”, they have started to make chocolate. And REALLY good chocolate at that. When a European traveller kept singing the praise of Nutella, the inquisitive Charly decided to make a healthy, organic Balinese counterpart – that became his Nuteresa line (the European friend’s name is Theresa).

When told that chocolate buyers gravitate toward crunchy chocolates, he and his team developed the Bali Krunch bar (made of black rice covered dark chocolate – delicious!). When Sasa, one of his young Balinese colleagues expressed an interest in cooking, he helped him get organized and Sasa now runs the kitchen, churning out delicious hot chocolate and French toast covered with chocolate and coconut syrup.


Alila Hotel’s role in all this is that any enterprise, be it a small business, a collective or an NGO that seeks to have social impact through the development and production of a product, it is critical for this enterprise to have anchor customers. Alila plays an essential role in this sense. First, Alila creates predictable, recurrent demand for their soap products. But also, Charly was quick to point out, Alila has an enabling financial management function — Alila not only pays on time, they in fact pay in advance for the production of soap bars that make their way into every room of the hotel as well as the gift shop. This is of critical value to a small operation as it allows the team to focus on high quality production and meeting the customer’s quantitative needs, without all the often challenging complexities of cash management.

Charly’s soap making operation now sells soap beyond Alila Manggis, to Alila Jakarta. From the contacts made there, a small export business is starting to emerge. But don’t expect to see Charly’s soap in every Walmart any time soon. Chasing the big contracts is not what this is about – it is about having, manageable, sustainable social impact, one bar of soap at a time. Steady, cautious growth is indeed a wise approach for this endeavor. A holistic community around the organic bounty from their surrounding land and sea and a growing community of women who work in harmony ~ the Balinese way.

Aligning Your Senses

Story by Dewald Haynes in Indonesia Design

Island destinations do not only offer exotic encounter and excitement. Ultimately the ideal attraction would be some sort of isolation and serenity with luxurious world-class facilities in Tabanan, Bali. A treatment at the Spa Alila is an experience that elevates beyond beauty as it touches the soul and aligns your senses with relaxation while you surrender to a state of complete calmness.


The Spa is conveniently located almost in the centre of the resort and is easily accessible, yet once you step inside you fell as if you have entered another level of enlightenment. Alila Villas Soori’s Spa setting on the wild and untouched west coast of Bali provides a perfect location to reflect and bring mind and body into perfect harmony.

The solid, simplistic and cubic structure of Spa Alila has established itself as a world-class destination spa recognised or its striking theatrical design and unique features. Alila Villas Soori’s signature treatment rooms offer a true holistic spa experience, with a comprehensive range of treatments available.


The Spa features a dry room for consultations; a wet room with heated terrazzo massage tables and Vichy showers plus a changing area with private steam room and whirlpool. They offer luxurious bathing rituals, salon services, a wide variety of local and international facial options and an in-depth collection of nurturing massage therapies. Skilled therapists are always on hand to ease away strains through reflexology treatments. For the more active they have Yoga and Pilates specialists offering a very unique and specialised integrated wellness experience.

Guests can expect relaxation that is sure to set them holiday-ready. As a popular wedding venue the resort also has special wedding packages available for the bride and groom. A spa escape has long been a unisex experience where both men and women find refuge. The style of service offers seamless pre and post treatment services with no fuss and hassle of registration or feedback forms, and most importantly they provide trained therapists who can understand your needs for relief of aches and pains. At Spa Alila it is all about listening to the guests and adapting the treatment to suit and soothe the issue.

alilavillassoori-spatreatment room

Spa Alila has also developed their own branded product range with a wide variety of sublime fragrances and ingredients. From body butters to massage creams and lip balms the lotions and potions are all natural and organic. In fact making use of the natural volcanic black beach sand found at the location as exfoliation for your skin during a Vichy shower treatment will leave you refreshed and smooth as silk to the touch. Products may also be purchased to enjoy at home once you leave the comforts of the resort.

It is slightly ironic that of all the treatment available at the spa the ‘Balinese Massage’ remains the most popular. Although a massage can have the same effect whether experienced on the beach under a coconut tree or surrounded by million dollar walls. The real mental and physical escape may be found in the abilities of the therapist and not necessarily always in the surroundings. The dreamlike and soothing visual spa environment is after all blinded while your eyes are shut most of the time during a massage. It is your senses that are awakened at the end of the treatment when you open your eyes and find the surrounding environment again to experience a total emotional escape. The right tight, smell and sound presented at Spa Alila holistically transcend the senses to another dimension, aligned by the most basic human need to “touch” to create calmness.

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Alila’s Green Bank Program and the Balinese Way

Story by Peta Kaplan and Ben Sandzer-Bell Bali is a universe unto itself. Due to its idiosyncratic and all pervasive Hindu culture, Bali can provide some management concepts worth emulating, the world over. Specifically, I refer to the three-tiered concept of Trihitakarana which dictates harmony around the themes of human respect to God, human respect […]

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21 Reasons Hotel Sex Is Better

Alila Villas Uluwatu was recently featured in Jetsetter’s unconventional yet entertaining “21 Reasons Hotel Sex Is Better”. Here’s an extract of their article with the full version accessible at www.jetsetter.com Story by Jetsetter.com “Escaping your day-to-day life and checking into a hotel is like trying on a new identity. The daily sense of discovery you get […]

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Reach Oman’s highest peaks and hike ancient donkey trails with Alila Jabal Akhdar

Story and photographs by Mike Cowton from Essential Journeys THE RECENTLY opened Alila Jabal Akhdar, located in the Al Hajar mountains of Oman, has launched a wealth of Alila experiences, allowing guests the chance to discover Jabal Akhdar through its traditions, environment, the roots of its people and daily rituals The experiences are led by Alila’s Leisure Concierges, local experts […]

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Babymoon at Alila Diwa Goa

Story and Photographs by Dr. Kuheli Bhattacharya from www.foodietrails.blogspot.in The plants watered , the doors latched and double checked, all electronic gadgets switched off, inform the milk man, the newspaper vendor and neighbours of your imminent holiday, pack the sunscreen along with the prenatal vitamins and we are off to our babymoon. Ever since I […]

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