Alila Anji – The Region’s Newest Eco-Luxe Private Resort

Article by JetSet Times

Anji has always been known for its ecological development, in addition to its fame for bamboo forests. With 12 million commercial production of bamboo poles in 40 different species of bamboo, Anji has been protected as an ecological destination comprising green building construction.

The eco-friendly region makes an ideal ground for Alila to set up its very first private resort in the county since the brand has always been in the forefront of modern designs and eco-tourism.

Situated in midst of green hills, Alila Anji is a fusion of simple country setting and contemporary amenities. 74 villas and rooms are each designed with refined woods, bamboo and stone. The resort is meant to resemble a traditional Chinese village with white exteriors and dark-tiled roofs.

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The Magic of Nyepi with Alila Villas Soori

Story and photographs by Chongwan Tan

architecture in Tabanan

There is something magical about Nyepi — when the hush of silence descends upon Bali, and its people meditate and fast as they prepare to celebrate their new year on the following day. For all my frequent visits to the island because it has a special place in my hippie heart, I had never been there during Nyepi. So it was fortuitous that our visit this March coincided with the Nyepi celebrations. What made our experience even more special was staying at Alila Villas Soori.

Nyepi-Ogoh ogoh parade 1

The oceanfront resort, surrounded by UNESCO World Heritage-protected paddy fields, has a rare black volcanic sand beach that turns a glittering black-gold when awash in seawater and sunlight. Cue those dramatic crashing waves off Bali’s southwest coastline, and I’m in love.

segway tour through padi fields

segway tour

It was our first visit to Tabanan Regency where Alila Villas Soori is located, just mere minutes away from the famed Tanah Lot Temple. We arrived just in time for the festivities preceding Nyepi. Many traditional rituals are carried out all over Bali before the day of quiet self-reflection. One of them is the Ogoh-ogoh parade, where villagers march together with paper or bamboo statues made to resemble “demons” or bad spirits, and then congregating in a spot where the statues are burned. This ritual symbolizes the purging of negative elements before they start a year afresh.

Ogoh ogoh parade 3

Ogoh ogoh parade 4

Our Alila Villas Soori team — led by the GM, Marco den Ouden — set off from the resort on our bicycles and Segways, rode past rice fields and through narrow village streets to trail as observers of the ogoh-ogoh parades. Amidst incense, bright, burning torches, and stunning papier-mâché creations, we witnessed village life at its most fascinating. Many of the towering ogoh-ogoh statues were held up by giggling kids too thrilled to be part of the processions. Several parades were held by different communities — and what a sight it was to behold! During a late afternoon break, we even had the honour of being hosted at a royal residence for a Nyepi meal. As Marco said, Alila Villas Soori is very much about its surroundings and local communities, and our tour around the villages was a wonderful way to see the connection.

Ogoh ogoh parade 2

On the day of silence, the only sounds we heard at the resort were the high breaking surfs of the Indian Ocean in front of our villa. Service was still impeccable and we gladly complied with the traditions — no beach swimming, no travelling out of the resort — on this sacred day. We spent the day in meditative bliss, peppered with spa indulgence and some delicious cuisine. And that’s just it: we spent six days at Alila Villas Soori just blissing out. Superb spa treatments every day; breakfasts at our villa cabana with the spectacular ocean view, just steps away from us.

breakfast-room service

nyepi dinner-megibung

A year ago, we stayed at Alila Villas Uluwatu, wowed by its awe-inspiring clifftop views and glamorous vibe. But it is Alila Soori that has truly stolen my heart.

Villa view


Family Friendly Hotel… One Parent to Another

Article by Mandira Rai from

When you grab the last empty beachfront location in Seminyak – you are bound to make heads turn. Throw in a restaurant churning out the best breakfast I’ve had in Bali and a kids’ club the tinies will love and it’s no surprise that this spanking new family-friendly hotel is making waves.

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Art & Pilanthropy in East Bali

Story and Photographs by Life As Art Asia

Art and philanthropy are inseparable for both involve the essence of giving. Nowadays as world governments continue to take the axe to the public funding of arts, increasingly the responsibility is in the hands of the private sector, and the artists themselves, to help support the development of art.

During March the Alila Manggis Resort, set on the tranquil east coast of Bali, hosted a 5 day artists in residency program “Bridging the Artistic Realm”. The program culminated on 26 March Easter weekend with the exhibition “Art Builds Bridges” and was attended by over 80 people.

“Art Builds Bridges” features paintings, photographs and sculptures by four international artists, James Wilkins, Silvana Sutanto, Michael Daube and Laila Azra, along with four works by UWCSEA grade four primary school students. Carefully curated by Wilkins, featuring a grouping of smaller and larger works, the exhibition is being held in support of the United World College of South East Asia (UWCSEA) Global Concerns “Bali Bridges“.

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Dreamsail Alila Purnama

Article by Yak Online Alila is well known for its stylish resorts in Bali and beyond . . . but did you know they also have an awesome boat? Called Alila Purnama this luxury, handcrafted vessel in the style of a phinisi, boasts ultra modern accommodation for up to 10 guests in five gorgeous cabins […]

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Opening Alila Anji’s Doors to the World

Story adapted from and photographs by 静心小镇天赋杭垓 In China’s first National Ecological County, Alila set a new standard in eco-luxury… A fitting debut in support of Sustainable Environmental Development in the area, Alila Anji nestles between the majestic mountainous landscapes, picturesque lake, bamboo forests and tea plantations at a 1,600-metre altitude. The opening ceremony commenced on […]

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Finding Bliss in Bali

Story by Chopstix & the City We’ve been sitting on this one for a while. In truth, we really didn’t want to tell you about it. When we visit somewhere so special, we don’t always want the secret to be out. But then again it would be a shame if you never heard about Alila Villas […]

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Bitten by the Travel Bug

Article by Indonesia Design “Interview with Eléonore Astier-Petin, General Manager of Alila Solo” French-born Eléonore Astier-Petin has always had a streak of wanderlust in her. She’s lived in Cannes on the French Riviera and the USA. She has also worked in Bora Bora, the French Alps and China. Her parents loved to tease her that “the […]

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