Absolutely Gorgeous…

Dorothy & Stanley wedding at Alila Villas Uluwatu is adapted from: JuneBugWeddings.com

To get your week started off right, I wanted to share with you the truly romantic, absolutely gorgeous, Bali wedding of Dorothy and Stanley. Prepare to be blown away by stunning photos by Studio Impressions, they are just too beautiful for words!


The Couple: Dorothy and Stanley

The Wedding: - Alila Villas Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia



Junebug: What were your most important goals in planning your wedding?

Dorothy: Our most important goal for our wedding was to personalize everything. We wanted every detail about the wedding to be about the two of us. For example, our invitation showed a bride and groom together on a tandem bicycle as Stanley loves bicycles and is also a bicycle design engineer. Our RSVP card, the design of which I thought was really clever, also featured a bicycle but with four seats the bride and groom were in the front two seats and in the back there were two empty seats reserved for our invited guests. As for me, I love Westies and sweets, so for our desserts table we had custom made Westie cupcakes and Westie and bicycle shaped cookies. I think the best personalized item at our wedding was our wedding cake topper, which featured a miniature bride in a Vera Wang Dress custom made to be exactly as my wedding dress (the details of the dress were amazing!), a groom in a navy blue suit just like Stanley’s, along with a bicycle and a little Westie dog.

Our wedding colors were also very important to us. In addition to the cupcakes and cookies, we had a variety of pink, purple, and white candies. The staff at Alila Villas Uluwatu also offered to dye our Balinese desserts pink to match our wedding colors. The colors of my miniature bouquet and Stanleys boutonniere on our wedding cake topper matched the colors of the real flowers at our wedding. Most memorable was our water ceremony, where we poured two clear vases of liquid (sodium bicarbonate + phenolphthalein) into one big vase, which turned pink on instant contact. I was also very adamant about having a full path of pink rose petals (not just a small scatter), which I absolutely loved.


Junebug: Where did you hold your wedding and reception, and why?

Dorothy and Stanley: We held the wedding at Alila Villas Uluwatu. We loved the cabana and the view we had during the wedding ceremony. Our reception was held at the same venue next to the Cabana.



Junebug: What three adjectives describe your wedding best?

Dorothy and Stanley: We will tell you three words to describe our wedding: Best Wedding Ever!






Junebug: What were you looking for in a photographer?

Dorothy and Stanley: We were looking for someone who had experience in photographing in Bali, Indonesia. We wanted someone who was professional and had great artistic talent.

Junebug: What specifically drew you to Marcus Bell and Adam Finch of Studio Impressions?

Dorothy and Stanley: Their pictures are full of emotion and love.

Junebug: What did you enjoy most about working with your photographers?

Dorothy and Stanley: They were very professional and allowed us to be ourselves. They did not add stress to an already stressed bride!




The Photographers: Marcus Bell and Adam Finch of Studio Impressions

Junebug: How did you approach this particular wedding and what did you most want to capture during shooting?

Marcus Bell: Their relationship is what I most wanted to capture. Dorothy and Stanley have such a beautiful love story that started in their childhood, that I wanted the images from their wedding day to show the depth of that love and connection.

Junebug: Were there any special photographic requests from the couple that made this wedding especially exciting creatively or personally?

Marcus Bell: When Dorothy and Stanley first saw the work of Studio Impressions they loved both my work and Adams and could see that by combining our unique perspectives that they could get some amazing wedding photography, so they booked us both! This was so much fun because it was like being back in the early days of Studio Impressions when Adam and I often shot together, only much better creatively now. Dorothy and Stanley also wanted us to do some cinematography, so we got to combine our photographic and cinematography skills all together. We just did this ourselves without an extra videographer and because Id really gotten to know this couple, I loved the result.

Junebug: What was the most fun part of this wedding for you to photograph?

Marcus Bell: Everyone was so relaxed at the reception. They all had a great time and so did I, capturing the whole thing. I also loved the location shoot at Penang Penang Beach because it was so breathtaking at sunset and Dorothy and Stanley were not only willing to go anywhere I asked (even out on a rocky edge) they really used the time to soak in their first few moments of being husband and wife in this stunning place. I felt a bit like an intruder but also very lucky to witness it. Photographically, it was a dream.







Junebug: Were there any special locations you were able to choose that made for really great images?

Marcus Bell: Well the sunset at Penang Penang Beach obviously provided an amazing backdrop and location and the light was awesome although the challenge was to shoot quick before it disappeared! The infinity pool at Alila Villas Uluwatu was also amazing because the edge of the pool is a cliff edge. It provides a stunning location that suited this couple perfectly, but a lot of preparation had to be done to make sure the spot was secure and safe and that the hotel would allow us to shoot there. It is a little more dangerous than most infinity pools but it is so worth it!

Junebug: What kind of equipment did you use while shooting this wedding?

Marcus Bell: Nikon D4 and Nikon D800E with the 85mm f1.4 and the 135mm f2 and the 24-70mm f2.8 and 35mm f1.4. I also used Sandisk Extreme Pro cards. All light was natural available light. I didnt use any flash or pro lighting on this wedding.


Once in a Lifetime…

Charisse and Aldo wedding at Alila Villas Soori photographed by Marcus Bell and this story is taken from : StudioImpressions.com

Combine an epic location with a magnificent couple, add a swag of supremely talented family and friends and you have the ingredients for magic. Charisse and Aldo from New York City had all that and so much more in their awesome Bali wedding. So many special details for this very special couple. Charisse is of Chinese descent, so Charisse & Aldo incorporated a traditional Chinese tea ceremony into their day.   The intricate outfit worn by Charisse for the tea ceremony is called a “kwa”, and was originally worn by Charisse’s grandmother (who has now passed) for her own tea ceremony over 60 years earlier, and brought all the way to Bali from LA by Charisse’s uncle.   All the brides in Charisse’s family now wear their grandmother’s kwa for their tea ceremony. What a perfect way to celebrate your family heritage!

Charisse & Aldo’s family & friends brought so many special touches to the day – it is hard to know which ones to tell you about.   First there was their influence on the outfits - Charisse’s jewelry chosen by her sister Candice, the renowned jewelry designer from Hong Kong specifically to match her Vera Wang dress & Valentino shoes,  Bridesmaid’s outfits & accessories by 57 Grand whose co-founders Saukok Tiampo and Carmen Ho are close friends of Charisse & Aldo, and then of course the Converse shoes customised with the names of all Groomsmen in the wedding colours – how cool did these guys look?

THEN there was the music.  Aldo’s cousin and one of the groomsmen, was MiG Ayesa who just happened to be one of the top 3 finalists in the reality TV show Rockstar: INXS & is now performing on Broadway as Stacee Jax in Rock of Ages – so who else would you get to sing for your first dance?     MiG sang one of Charisse & Aldo’s favourite songs ”Baby I love your way”, and it was one of the most touching bridal waltzes I’ve experienced.   Not to leave it there, MiG joined with close family friends Michael, Joe & Franco Chan to kick off the dancing with a Beatles medley.   Throw in some spontaneous singing throughout the night, a play list to die for, guests that can’t stay seated & you have the recipe for a broken dance floor – yes I am serious – they broke the dance floor!   Now that’s a party.

Alila Villas Soori provided a gorgeous backdrop and fabulous food topped off with great service and a Mille-crepe cake and topped with little wooden likenesses of Charisse & Aldo with their two dogs – another gift from someone close.

























































A Vivacious Celebration

Sunaina & Harnoop wedding at Alila Diwa Goa adapted from WeddingSutra

Sunaina, a Finance Professional who has lived in mini Gibraltar, tied the knot with Harnoop, a Management Consultant from London. They met 6 years ago in University, and then got engaged in Koh Samui in May 2012. She writes about her wedding at Alila Diwa Goa.


After our wedding date was finalized, we were deliberating between various locations, always bearing in mind that we wanted a destination that was warm, fun and serves great food. We considered Portugal, Spain, Jaipur and Bali, but once Harnoop mentioned Goa, it seemed like the ideal place. We visited Goa in September 2012, and the place blew us away. We visited 8 hotels, out of which the Alila Diwa Goa seemed most appealing. The staff was friendly, the lawns stunning and the food amazing. We particularly wanted an exclusive area, and after being offered the exclusive wing at the Alila Diwa, we felt it would be the ideal wedding venue.



I met Shruti from Funky Heads on my first visit to Goa, and since we met, I knew we could rely on her to fulfill our wedding dreams. We were in constant contact with Shruti, and we planned the entire wedding via Skype and Blackberry messenger. From rough drawings, to selecting various pictures and frequent calls, Shruti and her team helped us plan an amazing wedding!

I traveled to India three months prior to the wedding to organize my outfits, design the wedding cards and finalize the other preparations. However, I was there for two weeks only so it was a challenge to complete everything within that time. Luckily, we have some family in Mumbai who helped us coordinate rest of the details. I conceptualized the decor for Chunni & Welcome Dinner with help from the Wedding Planner’s team and we decided to go for a colorful theme of purple and orange for the Mehendi & Pool party as we wanted a very bright and vibrant atmosphere.





On the wedding day, we decided to keep the decor elegant and beautiful in different shades of reds and gold. For the wedding ceremony, I wore a heavily embroidered lehenga designed by Pam Mehta. Hangover lunch & Post-wedding blast. The decor was in colors of Royal blue to complement the ‘Arabic’ theme. The outfit I wore was designed by Rohit Verma. We were extremely happy with these wedding specialists, and recommend them for any wedding, particularly a destination wedding in Goa.









For more information about the wedding at Alila Diwa Goa, please contact : diwagoa@alilahotels.com or visit the website : http://alilahotels.com/diwagoa/weddings


One Magical Day…

Sarah & Roger wedding is photographed by whenelephantmetzebra.com

We met about 11 years ago when we were at uni and instantly became very close friends.
We didn’t start going out until about 4 years later when Roger realised Sarah was the love of his life. Ha ha!

The Proposal
We were back in Zimbabwe and Roger dragged me up to the the top of dombashawa, one of the local mountains. It was so beautiful and such a special place for us both as we had been up there so many times through our childhood. He then got on one knee and proposed.




We decided that although our wedding was an important day we wanted to make sure it was a reunion for all our friends and family for a whole week. Which is why we decided to have it in Bali. The main thing was that the wedding had to be happy and stress free and that nothing was an issue. It meant I had to let go of having control over a lot of the details. (which is hard for a designer.) But it really was the funnest day ever. We also tried to include all our friends and family as much as we could.

 The Venue lived up to all our expectations, the staff were so accommodating and went out of their way to make it a dream day for us. There really was nothing we had to do as they took care of everything. The ceremony and reception were both decorated so beautifully and looked amazing and the food was sensational. They allowed us to party through the night and we did not even notice there were any other guests at the hotel. We have recommended it to everyone in Brisbane and I think two more weddings have already been booked.





















Advice for future brides?
I think it’s important to keep things in perspective and have lots of fun. Remember that the only important thing is that your marrying the love of your life, whatever else goes wrong really does not matter in the long run and trust me, only YOU notice the details.

Experience with the photographer
We had an amazing experience with When Elephant Met Zebra. We only had an hour to get all the photos done so knew we needed someone with serious skill. Brian was incredible throughout the whole day and night, we hardly noticed he was there. We love our photos and really feel he captured more than just our memories but he captured our personalities and the vibe of the day in his images. We were so impressed with the professionalism he showed, right down to the beautiful engraved USB we received in the post with our images. Amazing!


For more information about weddings at Alila Ubud, contact : ubud@alilahotels.com

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Knotted My Way…

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