Spa Alila Experience at Alila Diwa Goa

Photographs and story by Peta Kaplan & Ben Sandzer-Bell

From the moment I arrive at the spa there is a feeling of serenity and calm. There is green everywhere…bamboo, hanging creepers, water lilies…all of which create a soothing atmosphere for de stressing and healing. Which is just the way it was intended as explained to me by Dr. Arjita.

Alila Spa #4 - A Alila Spa #4 - B

Dr. Arjita Kumari is an ayurverdic doctor, hypnotherapist, pranic healer and yoga instructor. Her demeanor and voice exudes positive energy, in line with the environment. Dr Arjita specializes in helping those with addictions, fears, eating disorders etc. I have a consultation with her to determine which massage would be best suited to my personal needs.

I explain that my energy level is low and that I have some upper back pain from travel. The beauty of the spa experience is in the individualized attention that you get in order that the selection made of the many choices on the spa’s “menu” is the right one for you, your needs and your body.

It’s a good thing I’m getting assistance with my choice, as the options are staggering. From  Balinese massage, Swedish massage, reflexology and warm stone to Ayurvedic massage. In addition there are 140 minute massages for the spa addicted using natural local products such as aloe, cocoa, coffee and coconut! Sounds good enough to eat.

The traditional Uzhichil ayurvedic massage followed by eucalyptus steam is selected for me to relieve fatigue, improve circulation and generally de-stress.

The individual rooms for spa service are stunning. Each has a small private garden, shower and changing area. Quiet, secluded and aesthetically very pleasing.

Alila Spa #4 - D

Ayurvedic treatments are part of India’s culture and history. Ayurveda is a system of Hindu traditional medicine, native to the Indian subcontinent, and a form of alternative medicine.

Alila Spa #4 - C

The oldest known Ayurvedic texts are the Suśrutha Saṃhitā and the Charaka Saṃhitā. These Classical Sanskrit texts are among the foundational and formally compiled works of Ayurveda. The Vedas date back to about five thousand years. They preach the philosophy of life. The Atharvaveda contains the principles of healing on which Ayurveda is based. ‘Ayur’ means ‘life’ in Sanskrit.

Ayurveda is the most ancient science of healing which enhances longevity. It has influenced many of the older traditional methods of healing including Tibetan, Chinese and Greek medicine. Hence Ayurveda is considered by many as the ‘mother of healing.’

Alila Spa #4 - E

As the warm oil gets poured on my body and Sinimal, my masseuse’s hands start to do their magic, I am transported to a place of tranquility and deep relaxation. The massage is literally head to toe, no muscles left untreated. It is hard to leave that table and get up for my private sauna, but eventually I am able to.

I only last four of the suggested seven minutes; The sauna is super hot.   But it is a perfect way to complete my pampering spa treatment at Alila.  To cap my day, I go and bask in the sense of rejuvenation at the infinity pool.

Alila Spa #4 - F Alila Spa #4 - G

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