Babymoon at Alila Diwa Goa

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The plants watered , the doors latched and double checked, all electronic gadgets switched off, inform the milk man, the newspaper vendor and neighbours of your imminent holiday, pack the sunscreen along with the prenatal vitamins and we are off to our babymoon.

Ever since I got pregnant I started dreaming about our babymoon; that last retreat sans the diapers and the baby carrier, our last ‘couples only’ holiday for a long time to come. Babymoons are such a draw that in a research by Babycenter, over 60% of American couples opt for a babymoon prior to the arrival of their little bundle of joy. A baby moon has many advantages, like a relaxing break of the mom to be, a time for the parents to be to bond as a twosome, relive the memories of their care free life till that moment and more than anything a beacon of light during the morning sickness filled first trimester.

After much online research I chose Alila Diwa resort and spa, situated in the rustic by lanes of Majorda, far from the madding crowd and boasting a luxuriously lazy retreat amongst sylvan surroundings.

Blooming prettiness diwa club

Blooming prettiness at the Diwa Club


It's not called waddling, it's the pregnancy SWAG!

It’s not called waddling, it’s the pregnancy SWAG!

Not only is the place impeccably landscaped and extensively spread out, they have a premium complex of 35 rooms where every room faces the swimmingpool, and this exclusive annexe has its own private pool as well as 12 hour bistro. Even though the hotel was hosting a large group of over 150 people for a wedding we heard none of the noise so typical of an indian wedding revelry.

(Tip: since a large part of the coming months will be filled with baby cries, choose your destination such that there is minimal wailing and toddler tantrums of kids of the other guests.)

The room was thoughtfully provided with a pregnancy pillow, those ergonomically designed wonders which support your back and belly while you sleep.

(Tip: prolonged lying on your back can lead to the womb compressing the large vessels in the abdomen the inferior vena cava, thus reducing the blood returning to your herat, a safer and recommended sleeping position is the left lateral, or lying on the left side)

Yaay! my own pregnancy pillow, thoughtful gesture by alila diwa

Yaay! my own pregnancy pillow, thoughtful gesture by Alila Diwa Goa

(Tip: some mums-to-be have very specific food cravings and it would be a good idea to let the hotel know in advance, or if they are foods that you can carry with you, that’s a good idea as well.)

Protein rich breakfast

Protein rich breakfast

Don't forget your prenatal vitamins...

Don’t forget your prenatal vitamins…


Coconut water to hydrate…

I am a self confessed spa junkie, but very few places offered pregnancy spa experiences . At Alila Diwa, Dr Arjita, an ayurvedic doctor who is also trained in hypnotherapy and pranic healing spoke knowledgably about the various benefits of massages for pregnant women. Massages help the mother-to-be to relax, helpd the lymphatic drainage and thus the water retention and pedal edema that many women suffer, help relax the muscles and the various aches and pains associated with carrying the extra weight. Oils which were safe in pregnancy were virgin coconut oil, ylang ylang, almond oils.

(Tip: heat therapies like mud baths, steams and saunas are best avoided in oregnancy as the increased core temperature and dehydration could be potentially harmful.)


The secret to a happy marriage, his and hers basins and bath products 😉




The submerged bar, enjoy your drinks while lazing in the pool.

The submerged bar, enjoy your drinks while lazing in the pool.




We dined in the award winning spice studio and were amazed at the absolute faultless food served. The kozi vartha kari chicken cooked malabar style with Appams was tangy with tamarind and redolent with curry leaves and south Indian spices, while the dhabe ka gosht, mutton cooked Punjabi style played jugalbandi with our taste buds.

The dinner at Vivo was more of a multicuisine spread, and we spread out across the globe with Italian Pizzas and oriental honey glazed pork ribs. They have an extensive buffet to choose from as well.





(tip: if you have a high risk pregnancy, carrying twins, or have older kids at home a staycation is a good idea. Check into a hotel/resort in your home city so hat in case of any undue emergency, you are easily accessible)

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