Story and photograph by André Russ, Vice President Sales, EarthCheck

Dear Bali,

Thanks for being such a beautiful place to visit. We adore your enchanting oceans, beautiful mountains, vivid sunsets, and unforgettable food.

Sorry about the landfill sites, greenhouse gases and water shortages your eager tourists and industry which accommodates them has caused. But take heart. If all of your tourism operators did this, we might all be able to enjoy your beauty for generations to come. You deserve so much more than half measures.

Much love,


1) Your guests love to look at the ocean. They want to swim, dive and snorkel in the ocean. Make sure they can continue to do so.

Alila Manggis operates a comprehensive coral reef rehabilitation program comprising clean-up, coral gardening, education and fundraising in partnership with Zen Dive Bali, guests, local fisherman, and the children of the community.

2) Your picture perfect beaches from the photos on your website need to look that way when your guests arrive. Someone has to keep them that way. It probably should be you— and some of your guests might even be willing to help!

The 28th of each month is the ‘Plastic-Free Oceans’ event in the seaside resort of Manggis, East Bali, where staff, international visitors and community locals work together to keep Bali beautiful.

3) You can help create a sustainable industry by employing locals to nurture and support the needs and wants of your guests…and don’t forget to tell your guests what you are doing. From locally-farmed organic vegetables to bamboo drinking straws and community ‘clean-up’ events, it will only add to the stories your guests tell via social media and when they return home.

Greenbank—now in its sixth year—is a social enterprise scheme allowing Alila Manggis to cooperate with the local community to facilitate and source the production of goods and organic produce while educating locals on environmental issues and operations.

4) Walking the talk has never been more important. It’s not enough to say you’re practicing sustainable tourism. Prove it.

Alila Manggis just became the second Bali-based property within the Alila Hotels & Resorts group to achieve EarthCheck Gold Certification. The resort now has more than five years of independently audited data to confirm their environmental, operational and social operations are at best-practice level or better.




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