Oasis In the Heart of Bali – Alila Seminyak

Story and Photographs by Jonathan End

During my short visit to Bali for a friend’s wedding two weeks ago, I stayed at Alila Seminyak which was opened in October last year. I was amazed by the design: the playful vertical elements, infinity pools (Alila Seminyak has four infinity pools, all of them were amazing), spellbinding beachfronts, and the warmth of the smile from the staff left an unforgettable impression.

It’s always good to be back in Alila because you know you will be in good hands. Everyone knows your name, and it was a big gesture for me when they became personal like that. And they will go all the way to ensure you’re having a nice trip. I left my access card in the room all the time and the front desk were still smiling every time I asked for a new one. Even when the manager on duty was busy, she still took her time to have conversations with me for hours about the resort and life in general.

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