Story and photograph by André Russ, Vice President Sales, EarthCheck

Dear Bali,

Thanks for being such a beautiful place to visit. We adore your enchanting oceans, beautiful mountains, vivid sunsets, and unforgettable food.

Sorry about the landfill sites, greenhouse gases and water shortages your eager tourists and industry which accommodates them has caused. But take heart. If all of your tourism operators did this, we might all be able to enjoy your beauty for generations to come. You deserve so much more than half measures.

Much love,


1) Your guests love to look at the ocean. They want to swim, dive and snorkel in the ocean. Make sure they can continue to do so.

Alila Manggis operates a comprehensive coral reef rehabilitation program comprising clean-up, coral gardening, education and fundraising in partnership with Zen Dive Bali, guests, local fisherman, and the children of the community.

2) Your picture perfect beaches from the photos on your website need to look that way when your guests arrive. Someone has to keep them that way. It probably should be you— and some of your guests might even be willing to help!

The 28th of each month is the ‘Plastic-Free Oceans’ event in the seaside resort of Manggis, East Bali, where staff, international visitors and community locals work together to keep Bali beautiful.

3) You can help create a sustainable industry by employing locals to nurture and support the needs and wants of your guests…and don’t forget to tell your guests what you are doing. From locally-farmed organic vegetables to bamboo drinking straws and community ‘clean-up’ events, it will only add to the stories your guests tell via social media and when they return home.

Greenbank—now in its sixth year—is a social enterprise scheme allowing Alila Manggis to cooperate with the local community to facilitate and source the production of goods and organic produce while educating locals on environmental issues and operations.

4) Walking the talk has never been more important. It’s not enough to say you’re practicing sustainable tourism. Prove it.

Alila Manggis just became the second Bali-based property within the Alila Hotels & Resorts group to achieve EarthCheck Gold Certification. The resort now has more than five years of independently audited data to confirm their environmental, operational and social operations are at best-practice level or better.





Story by Hello Bali Guide

Spa Alila
Blessed with a breathtaking location and an unrivalled expertise in spa and wellness, Spa Alila at Alila Ubud launches the Rainforest Retreat Experience for those who seek a complete wellbeing escapade. The experience takes place at the resort’s secluded bale bengong, nestled on the edge of the rich green Ayung Valley, and includes a pampering package, a healthy and delicious three-course lunch, reflexology massage, and to put the cherry on top, Alila Ubud’s afternoon tea package.
Alila Ubud, Desa Melinggih Kelod, Payangan, Gianyar, T: +62 361 975 963,

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Story and photographs by Axioo

I believe in magic. I believe in love at first-sight. I believe in true love. Yes, I’m a hopeless romantic.

Thus as important as the soul mates we’ve found in each other, finding the place where we’re to exchange our vows for life would be as fundamentally essential. It’s the canvas of our love story, the place we’re going to revisit thousands and millions of times in reminiscence of our wedding day.

We didn’t want somewhere just pretty, there were too many of them. We wanted more. We wanted our very own corner amidst this vast world; somewhere serene and secluded, but not too out-of-touch with the modern world.

We headed south, the furthest south of the island of Gods, in search of the edge of the world. Infinity. There we found a hidden gem amidst nature with energy like no other: a place with untamed soul.  Against the drama of the Indian Ocean, perched at the cliff, where a magnetic sun illuminates blue seas and the Indian breeze calms summer dreams. The landscape painted with rugged rocky cliffs, and softest greeneries, wild and mesmerizing waves endlessly crashing and surging over the mighty rocks.

A place where the air smells of earth and the ocean. A place where time is trivial and silence enveloping. We instantly fell in love with the idea of the timeless magic of this place. Alila Villas Uluwatu. It was love at first sight, period.

The structure was out-of-the-question gorgeous in itself, white stonewalls intertwines beautifully with wooden accents incorporating the landscape and its natural vegetation. The architectural design otherworldly one-of-a-kind, the locally-sourced crafts and artistry exceptional. It provides the perfect backdrop for the wedding of our dream: all-white and elegantly simplistic. The slightest alteration to this magnificent master plan would be a disruption to its original allure. So we let it be, simply adding lushes of white floral to accentuate our style and make it our own. I guess, our dream wedding is not so dreamy anymore.

As perfect and precious as it may be, moments fleet away. To capture is to keep treasure.

There’s something whimsically wonderful about memory; it’s like being transported back in time, reliving the sweet moments over and over again. No better way to this than flipping over series of meaningful photographs.

While we see the beautiful work of many talented photographers, it is rare that you find one that speaks so completely to your soul. Axioo’s Adi was a long-time favorite of ours. He just gets it, he understands; as easy as that. I find it difficult to explain this with words; probably it’s chemistry, whether you have it or you just don’t. Dreamy-light-filled moments and exquisite imagery. These captures are fresh, whimsical with subtle editorial twists, beautifully blending moments of candid, raw and unguarded emotion basked in light with artistic detail.

Moreover, the presence of Axioo in our big day is such a delight. Not quite as an art-director with instructions to produce perfectly lovely snaps, but in a subtle way choreographing moments and translating it into beautiful pictures. With lots of laughter and chitchat, we found trusted professionals, yet friendly pals in the team.

Fe Hadi Utomo

Avid traveler. Photography baby.

Literature enthusiast. Fashion Entrepreneur

IG @Fe.Hadiutomo











By Janice and George from “Sand in my Suitcase

For such a relatively small place, the island of Bali sure offers a deliciously large number of luxury hotels – over 40, by our count. We’ve stayed at so many of these fabulous places, we almost feel like Bali hotel inspectors!

Now, we’ve compiled all our reviews on the best luxury hotels in Bali here in this one convenient guide. Each hotel we’ve stayed at is special in its own way. How do you choose? To help you, we’ve sorted them out according to your hotel style. Are you a sucker for romance? Or do wicked ocean views seal the deal for you?

Best for bragging rights (and jaw-dropping views!) – Alila Villas Uluwatu
Having checked into so many fabulous hotels around the world, it’s sometimes hard to be truly wowed. But Alila Villas Uluwatu – poised on a high clifftop overlooking the Indian Ocean – had our jaws dropping at every turn.

Its 165-foot infinity pool on the cliff edge is nothing short of stunning. So too is the “lounge,” which is like a big wooden birdcage, cantilevered out over the water.

And then there are the 3,000 sq. foot villas (84 of them) built from recycled railway sleeper cars, volcanic rock and local bamboo. How to feel like a multi-millionaire! Almost all the window walls on all sides slide open so you feel like you’re living outside (and you can almost slip right from your living room couch into the pool).

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As part of the Alila Community Project for two local elementary schools, SD 1 & SD 2, Alila Seminyak held a seminar at the schools on 24 Sept 2016 titled “AKU ANAK SEHAT” – We are Healthy Children. In collaboration with doctors from Surya Husada Hospital, the seminar provided counselling and education to the audience […]

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Story and photographs by TripCanvas Trivia: Did you know that Bali is surrounded by not one, but two oceans – creating unique biodiversity, which is a success recipe for an amazing dive experience? White sand beaches dot turquoise blue seas in Indonesia’s most traveled island. Bali is known for its grand resorts and ripping surf […]

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Article by Bridestory Having a destination wedding is now a popular choice among engaged couples and Bali is one of the most sought-after havens to exchange their sacred vows in. With an abundance of breathtaking landscapes and unique terrains, various wedding venues of all shapes, sizes, and styles have settled in the island. Among the […]

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Article by Luke Slattery for Traveller A shimmery gamelan track drifts on the equatorial evening air. A gecko chirps, like a squeaky toy, from the tropical garden. And from a nearby mosque rise the piercing vocal arabesques of the muezzin’s call to prayer. Central Java’s cultural capital of Yogjakarta (referred to locally as Jogja) is […]

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