Pampered at The Diwa Club

Photographs and story by Peta Kaplan & Ben Sandzer-Bell

It is not our first time staying at an Alila Hotel, as we had a chance to experience the Alila “Surprisingly Different” brand in Bali, Indonesia.  So it was with anticipation that we came to Alila Diwa Goa, the 5 year old hotel on the Coast, south of Goa.

Alila Diwa Goa is a beautiful property built to accommodate both couples such as ourselves and larger groups for life events, such as weddings and anniversaries.  The grounds are landscaped such that one gradually discovers the charms of the hotel.

Alila Diwa #1 - A

We are welcomed at the Diwa Club, which is the 5 star smaller wing that offers the most luxurious rooms and a high level of personal attention.  The room is simply gorgeous – spacious, beautiful materials and a view onto one of the swimming pools.

Alila Diwa #1 - B

The feature that will make it oh so difficult to leave the bedroom is the beautiful bathroom, with its oval shaped bathtub, which is very enticing, due to its large size that invites a good soak.

Alila Diwa #1 - C Alila Diwa #1 - D

After traveling extensively, we are ready for some luxury and the Diwa Club is poised to provide us just that.

The dedicated dining room, steps away from our bedroom, is simply gorgeous.  The floor tile work provides a classy support for the sitting/dining areas.

Alila Diwa #1 - E

What distinguishes this restaurant, for us, is the much appreciated “7 to 7” breakfast offering.  The last thing we want when indulging in a restful vacation is having to be guided by stringent breakfast time constraints.  It is a touch of “time luxury” that adds to the overall feel of being able to really relax and take our time.

The breakfast, which we delight in every day, had an extensive range of yummy sounding options.  But it is the salmon eggs benedict, cooked to perfection,  which wins the accolades.

One particularly fun aspect of breakfast at this venue is that there is a “cerealogist” and “fruitologist” on staff.    OK, perhaps the terminology will not make it as a new word in the Webster annual list of new term of use in the English language, but it aptly describes the effort made by the hotel to provide a one-of-a-kind experience in cerealogy.

 Alila Diwa #1 - F Alila Diwa #1 - G

If this restaurant reserved exclusively for The Diwa Club, is our destination of choice in the morning, it is the main infinity pool that becomes our home in the evening.

Flowing as it does, gently, over the rice paddies, the larger pool is the ideal location for late afternoon swimming.  The dramatic skies, especially before a dusk rain, provide live theater from the edge of the pool.

Alila Diwa #1 - H Alila Diwa #1 - I

This area is also the place to go for a fun “wink” at Indian street food.  The street food cart offers the most delicious bite size treats such as the Dahi Puri, as well as afternoon tea.  It is hard to describe, without a recipe, this magical bite.  Imagine a crispy ping pong ball size, sphere, in which a combination of flavorful spices and sweet yoghurt are poured.  The trick is to go from maker to eater as quickly as possible, so that the outer shell remains crisp, while the inside “filling” remains juicy.  We seek to oblige the culinary process and ensure we do it right, several times (just for practice).  It is scrumptious.

Alila Diwa #1 - J

Our stay at Alila Diwa Goa was a (well deserved) dip into a world of luxury where time was stretched, where we could delight in the end of day sunset, and where our assigned personal host made sure we had all our logistics handled with no fuss.

We needed to have laundry done ~ check;

Alila Diwa #1 - K

Needed daily English language newspapers ~ check; needed to print documents for the airport ~ check; wanted to schedule some activities ~ a cooking class for Ben, a Kerala massage for Peta ~ check; needed to be driven to the airport on our last day in Goa ~ check.  Ah, we could get used to this level of personal support on our Green Global Trek (

Alila Diwa #1 - L

After a few  days at Alila Diwa Goa, we are left with a glow from the pool-side rest and massage, taste buds content from having a culinary adventure and a readiness to move on with our travels, refreshed and pampered.

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